Musical Theater
In addition to my work with The Mask and Wig Club, I've written a few musicals and been involved in other musical projects.
The Don Juan and The Non Don Juan
A musical I wrote that ran, briefly, off-broadway at the Vineyard Theater. Reviewed by Mel Gussow of The New York Times
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A musical adaption that I wrote with Charlie Seymour Jr.
Philip Glass - The Witches Of Venice
Not my own project obviously, but one I was heavily involved in. I'm listed as the "Sequencing Engineer". I'm the one playing all the notes for all the parts on the recording.
Computer Software
Though I no longer work full time as a software engineer, there are still times when I need to dust off the old programmer hat. Some problems require a software solution.

Sibelius Techniques for Aleatoric Music

A document that discusses Sibelius techniques for creating aleatoric music.

Accordion Notator plugin for Sibelius

A plugin that simplifies the creation of accordion parts in Sibelius.

Chord Inversion Transform plugin for Sibelius

A plugin that implements a musical transform technique I learned from Ray Lustig at The Juilliard School.

Wig In a Box plugin for Sibelius

A plugin that automatically renders a Mask and Wig 2/4 theater accompaniment for a series of chords.

Web based editor for Sibelius plugins

A web based editor for writing plugins for the Sibelius music notation software from Avid. A bit more programmer friendly than the Sibelius built in editor.