Original Compositions
The Mask and Wig Club, founded in 1889, is the oldest all-male collegiate musical comedy troupe in the United States. I've been providing music, lyrics, and orchestrations for the club's productions since 1986.

Musical Theater
In addition to my work with The Mask and Wig Club, I've written a few musicals and been involved in other musical projects.
Philip Glass - The Witches Of Venice
Not my own project obviously, but one I was heavily involved in. I'm listed as the "Sequencing Engineer". I'm the one playing all the notes for all the parts on the recording.
Computer Software
Though I no longer work full time as a software engineer, there are still times when I need to dust off the old programmer hat. Some problems require a software solution.
Sibelius Techniques for Aleatoric Music
A document that discusses Sibelius techniques for creating aleatoric music.
Accordion Notator plugin for Sibelius
A plugin that simplifies the creation of accordion parts in Sibelius.
Chord Inversion Transform plugin for Sibelius
A plugin that implements a musical transform technique I learned from Ray Lustig at The Juilliard School.
Wig In a Box plugin for Sibelius
A plugin that automatically renders a Mask and Wig 2/4 theater accompaniment for a series of chords.
Web based editor for Sibelius plugins
A web based editor for writing plugins for the Sibelius music notation software from Avid. A bit more programmer friendly than the Sibelius built in editor.